2 thoughts on “Old Jail Art Center Yearly Events”

  1. I have visited Albany on numerous occasions and my family and I have seen Fandangle 7 times throughout the years. This past weekend I brought some family friends. We were excited to see the show, but during the opening flag parade the cast on horses flew Trump 2020 flags.

    Those in our group from Austin and St. Louis were horrified and they asked to immediately leave the show, which we did.

    We thought we were attending a family oriented event, one that is to highlight Texas history and the history of a town as settlers moved west. Instead in the first few minutes we were greeted with Trump propaganda. I was embarrassed and they have since taken their disgust to social media.

    It’s clear that Albany has lost its way. I will make sure that all who I know in Abilene and the rest of the Big Country never attend another Fandangle, nor spend another dime in Albany.


    1. I am sorry you were offended. It was NOT sanctioned by the show. I have been told the situation has been addressed. I hope you will return again. Fandangle is all about the history and the founding of Albany. It was not and is not intended to be political. No cast member is paid and all funding is private donation and ticket sales. I truly hope you do not penalize the businesses of Albany for what happened during one Fandangle performance. We love to share our history and our town with all visitors and want to show our hospitality to anyone and everyone.
      Thanks for your concern.

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