Brochure Key

The Albany brochure has numbered pictures of several of our favorite places and the map inside the brochure shows the locations of each. Some are stores and restaurants and some are historical sites and landmarks.

Just in case you’re new here and you aren’t familiar with all of these locations, the brochure key below will tell you what each numbered picture represents. Be sure to read the historical markers at many of the locations to learn more about Albany’s history and the remarkable people on whose shoulders we stand.

  1. Fort Griffin General Merchandise Restaurant and The Bee Hive Saloon
  2. Prairie Star Convenience Store and Chevron station
  3. Icehouse Restaurant and Cantina
  4. The Whitney Theater
  5. T E Jackson Warehouse and restored Sinclair Station
  6. Red Star Studio II – Joe Barrington, sculptor
  7. The Aztec Theater
  8. Albany Motor Inn and RV Park
  9. Blach Building (White Elephant Saloon)
  10. Albany Visitor Center, Chamber of Commerce and Fandangle Ticket Office
  11. The Lynch Building
  12. Robert Nail Memorial Stadium the Old Albany High School field where the Fort Griffin Fandangle was originally performed
  13. Prairie Theater – the outdoor theater designed and built specifically for the Fandangle performances
  14. Old Jail Art Center – our world recognized art museum
  15. Trinity Episcopal Church (formerly Reynolds Presbyterian Academy)
  16. Fort Griffin State Historic Site
  17. Ledbetter Picket House in Bank Park
  18. Jacobs House – first permanent home in Albany
  19. Old Oil Derrick at Spudder Park
  20. Shackelford County Courthouse and Square